Healthcare Professionals

Reaching out to medical and healthcare professionals in a credible and effective way needs specialised skills and knowledge.

BRANDS Marketing has a record of achievement in the developing and implementing strategies to drive sales through increasing recommendation and prescribing by healthcare professionals.

Whether your target healthcare professionals be specialists, a GPs, a pharmacists or a diverse range of allied health professionals BRANDS Marketing can help with strategies and tactical elements that can help achieve the objective.

Here are some examples.

Example 1 РDriving recommendation from pharmacists and podiatrists for a schedule 3 Pharmacist Only treatment for onychomycosis.

Healthcare01 Healthcare02 Healthcare03

Example 2 – Ensuring the cosmetic range of Cetaphil Cleansers and mosturisers were recommendation by dermatologists, allergists paediatricians, GPs, pharmacists and baby health and nurses.

Healthcare04 Healthcare05 Healthcare06 Healthcare07 Healthcare08

Example 3 – Doctor, medical specialist and pharmacist recommendation of Dermaveen played an important role in the marketing strategy.

HealthcareProf1 HealthcareProf2 HealthcareProf3
HealthcareProf4 HealthcareProf5

Example 3 – Because Duac, was a prescription acne preparation it needed GP prescribing to drive sales. The establishment of a “Clinical Audit” drove awareness, recall and trial among GPs. The educational program (audit) was designed to comply with the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct and also achieved the endorsement of the RACGP.

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