Premium OTC Brands

PremiumOTC01Loceryl Nail Lacquer, was a unique treatment for nail fungus. Initially as a subsidised prescription brand it cost just $15.00. The price soon sky rocketed to an average $100.

The challenge was to rebuilding sales after it lost government subsidy and was only allowed to be bought from behind the counter in pharmacies. How would the consumer know to even ask for the brand?

The brand creative had to be truly out there to grab the consumers’ attention, It had to tell them about this little known condition and make them want to do something about it. Placement of the creative was also important – in pharmacy, on TV, radio and print along with the internet.

Pharmacy staff also needed to be trained in the condition, in identifying the signs and symptoms, in what do do about it and in how to convince the sufferer to buy this rather expensive treatment.

Pharmacy training and support Creative that arrested consumers
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Consumer advertising Consumer promotion
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