Small Business Marketing

BRANDS Marketing understands the joys, exhilaration and challenges small businesses face. That’s because we’re a small business.

Small business are both innovative and flexible. Their ability survive, grow and prosper on tight budgets is in often in their DNA.

As small businesses we work to maximise the opportunities that can come from the innovative products and services that we develop.

Developing marketing and selling strategies that reach customers to drive sales are not just a matter of luck or chance. It takes an understanding of customers, the environment, competitors and where our products or services fits in the puzzle. Making sense of this knowledge and then developing strategies and tactics to take to market shouldn’t be daunting, time consuming or financially burdensome.

BRANDS Marketing continues to partner with small businesses to help develop and implement marketing strategies that drive sales success. Talk to us, obligation free.


Therapy For Life

Since 2001 Therapy for Life has been improving the lives of patients with breast cancer and lymphedema. In the years since, this specialised practice has helped improve the clinical and quality of life outcomes for thousands of women and men.

BRANDS Marketing has played a key role in the ongoing development and success of Therapy for Life.

Peak Sales

Peak Sales is a business that’s focused on helping clients maximise sales. It does so through the development and implementation of practical marketing and sales strategies that make a difference.

The directors, each with significant experience in driving sales on the client side in the pharmaceutical industry, needed to rapidly establish the brand and commercialise their patented innovations. That’s where BRANDS Marketing helped.

Scully Surveying and Planning

Tim Scully identified the opportunity to set up his own surveying business to use his skills and knowledge that he had accumulated over many years.   What’s more he wanted the flexibility to work the hours that suited him and his loved ones.

Tim is well on the way to achieving the opportunity to leverage his skills in his own business, continuing to develop professionally. The work life balance that eludes many is well in Tim’s grasp.

Thanks Tim for sharing your continuing journey with BRANDS Marketing.


A start up agency providing critical business insights to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Pharmatrack offers clients a unique suite of software to analyse sales, marketing and supply chain data from multiple sources

BRANDS Marketing partnered with Pharmatrack to help identify, develop and implement corporate level, marketing and sales strategy. With a key role in business development, BRANDS Marketing identified and helped secure three out of five clients for Pharmatrack. That’s an indication of the practicality and hands on approach that BRANDS Marketing can offer.


Identifying a segment in the home and commercial building and maintenance market, Deeds Property Management has been successful in providing customers with an unsurpassed level of service, quality and skills.

BRANDS Marketing has partnered with Deeds over many years helping this entrepreneurial small business take advantage of an opportunity in the market.